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a big heaping pile of
20-minute musicals

Book, Music & Lyrics by Russ Kaplan & Sara Wordsworth
Cast:  3 men, 7 women
Run Time: multi-act/full-length


Wasteland! The Musical

Siskiyou Trail

Eight college students with Broadway dreams are being forced to perform the crappiest musical ever written.  Until, that is, they take matters into their own hands...

Assisted Living

In this "geriatric farce," fierce competition develops among four friends at the Beth Shalom Assisted Living Home, when a handsome new resident moves in.

The year is 1853.  When their husbands hit the road in search of gold, a band of pioneer women embark on a perilous journey, becoming America's greatest unsung heroes.  And inventing a lot of cool stuff.

The Wake

At a funeral in the deep south, a homicidal widow vows vengeance upon her late husband's mistress...but which of these mysterious women is "Schnookums?"